이달의 소녀 Girl of the Month

01. Why You Should Stan / 02. Fun Facts / 03. Media Guide / 04. More


01. Why You Should Stan / 02. Fun Facts / 03. Media Guide / 04. More

LOONA are truly revolutionizing K-POP and breaking all traditional boundaries. Embracing each other’s individual differences and coming together is a theme that runs through LOONA’s music and visuals.

Their love for orbits is incredibly genuine. They specially dedicated 365 to Orbits for waiting so long, both as a Thank You and Sorry. They have also expressed their appreciation towards us and said #StanLoona gives them strenght and encourages them to work even harder.

LOONA is one of the best dancing girl groups in the industry. They can execute very difficult choreographies while also showing beautiful synchronizations and formations.

Members are naturally funny and charming. They act so natural and really aren’t afraid to show their genuine reactions to a given scenario. They’re just having fun and being themselves and it's so nice to watch!

"I heard the LGBTQ+ community was really interested in the continued worlds of 'New' [her solo single] and Chuu’s solo, 'Heart Attack. When the song was being written and the video filmed, we didn’t see it like that. For us, it was a story about yearning, but we were also thankful when it was translated that way. You may have realized it during 'Butterfly', but we want to go beyond gender, race, and nationality." — Yves [source]


01. Why You Should Stan / 02. Fun Facts / 03. Media Guide / 04. More

Heejin 🐇
⋆ she dances to their music in their dorm still in the performance outfit
⋆ her deep voice shocked Wooyoung from boy group ATEEZ
⋆ staff told yves heejin was part russian and yves believed it

Haseul 🕊️
⋆ part of messy line in LOONATHEDORM
⋆ has a specific part of the fridge for cheese storage
⋆ danced like a soccer mom in isac

ViVi 🦌
⋆ she and their manager had a water spray fight while cleaning the dorm
⋆ throws away all of the dirty dishes
⋆ a random man flirted with haseul at an airport and vivi looked at the camera like she was in the office and not loonatv

JinSoul 🐟
⋆ sleeps with her eyes open
⋆ forgot that she and Heejin were in the same group
⋆ there are pics of her walking with a single french fry in her hand

Yves 🦢
⋆ she kicked GoWon from the bottom bunk bed
⋆ said the most memorable thing that happened with her older sister was breaking a wall while fighting
⋆ says she has a sixth sense and tends to see ghosts when they practice at night

GoWon 🦋
⋆ started a fire while cooking fish stew, yves put it out and she started a fire again so she was banned from the kitchen
⋆ wakes up at 2pm
⋆ has a silver tooth

Hyunjin 🐈
⋆ it's been a joke that Hyunjin and Yves don't interact but Hyunjin has literally forgotten Yves' name
⋆ practiced her wrestling on Yeojin, the maknae
⋆ barks and sounds like an actual dog and she makes an aeong sound all the time

Yeojin 🐸
⋆ part of messy line in LOONATHEDORM
⋆ once she got lost on her way to school and bought a snail
⋆ eats rice with cola as in she puts rice INSIDE cola

Kim Lip 🦉
⋆ goes to sleep at 10pm on the dot
⋆ she nags the other members a lot about cleaning and even throws away Olivia's socks

Choerry 🦇
⋆ part of messy line in LOONATHEDORM
⋆ said her source of positivity was just being brainless
⋆ she was seen petting a cockroach at a fansign and then cuddling a roach plushie on LOONA TV

Chuu 🐧
⋆ created the apple heart
⋆ blasts the AC at all moments in the dorm
⋆ has a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo

Olivia Hye 🐺
⋆ attemped to crush Yves with her
top bunk to make LOONA an 11 member group
⋆ fell asleep at ISAC and went viral
⋆ was late to a race and she just fast walked instead of running

⋆ twitter thread with proof of most of these surreal things ⋆


01. Why You Should Stan / 02. Fun Facts / 03. Media Guide / 04. More

They showcase their personalities and the group dynamic behind the scenes!
1 min long.

Clips recorded by the members and uploaded to their Twitter account!
Less than 1 min long.

KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER presents to you, LOONA’s special 24 hours!

All logs are filmed and edited by the girls themselves.

Ride buses, cars, planes (탐/Tam, "rode")
KR title is 이달의 TamTamTam, or TamTamTam of the month

Do You Remember When We First Met? is a WEB drama they did before their complete debut. It has 3 seasons; 1 & 2 are focused on 1/3 and 3 follows OEC.

Sadly, LOONA don't have a reality show of their own yet
but they have been in a few variety shows and had some interviews.
Here's a playlist containing some of them!


01. Why You Should Stan / 02. Fun Facts / 03. How To Stan / 04. More

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